23th October day (10:00-16:30)

Introduction (10:00-10:20)
Herald Ruijters, European Commission DGMOVE

Objectives and Expectations of the Infrastructure Cloud (10:20-10:50)
Steve Phillips, CEDR
Robert Missen, European Commission DGMOVE

Wrap up of the 1st workshop on Infrastructure Cloud - Construction and Maintenance (10:50 – 11:00)
Speaker: Ruud Smit, Rijkswaterstaat

Panel discussion on Construction and Maintenance (11:00 – 11:30)
Panellists: Ursula Blume, BASt; Thierry Goger, FEHRL; Jon Aurtenetxe, TECNALIA; Manfred Haider, AIT.

Coffee break (11:30-11:50)

Wrap up of the 2nd workshop on Infrastructure Cloud - Operation and Services (11:50 – 12:10)

Speaker: Ewa Zofka,  ERICA Consulting

Panel discussion on Operation and Services (12:10 – 12:40)
Panellists: Martin Boehm, AUSTRIATECH; Christophe Nicodème, ERF; Karin De Schepper, EIN

Networking lunch

Parallel Sessions (13:45-15:00)

Introduction (13:45 – 14:00)
S1.  Strategic cooperation between infrastructure managers of all modes and industries.
Moderator: Miguel Segarra Martinez, ENCORD
S2. Cohesion between research and training networks.
Moderator: Prof. Francesca La Torre – University of Florence

Coffee break (15:00-15:30)

Next Steps (15:30-16:00)

Final Remarks and Closure (16:00-16:30)



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